Video Conferencing

Video Conference Depositions

If you have ever considered Video Conference technology for depositions, meetings, hearings or even court proceedings then now is the time to move forward. All that is required is a laptop / PC with a camera and mic or a mobile device such as a tablet or phone. Each participant i.e. Attorney(s), Witness, Court Reporter, etc. can join the proceeding remotely in the privacy of their home or office across multiple States .  Our firm handles the setup and connection details and each participant simply clicks on a Zoom video conference link sent via email to join.   Copy and paste the provided link into your browser and start the secure, password protected video conference. A Zoom deposition is the same as a normal ‘telephone deposition’ except each participant will be able to see and hear each other and we can link up an unlimited number of participants remotely.  The video and audio quality of Video Conference technology has tremendously improved over the last several years. If you are interested in a Zoom Video Conference proceeding and have questions or you would like to schedule and join a private Zoom meeting then please contact our office and we will be happy to assist. 

Boggs Reporting & Video provides local and remote video conferencing services.  By utilizing our large conference rooms, two way video conferencing of your deposition is now possible using our broadband high speed internet software.  An unlimited number of remote participants can engage or view the deposition.  Remote participants use their laptop webcam and internet connection to join the deposition or conference.

Witness in a remote area of the state? Here’s how we can help. 1) For firms who have a VC system in your conference room, we can travel to witness’ location (home, nursing home, etc.) and connect to your in-house VC system OR for firms who do not have a VC system then use our ZOOM VC client software for connection from the privacy of your office. 2) Use your Conference Room or BRV Conference room for local witness and local attorneys  to connect to out of town witness and/or attorney(s) for connection via ZOOM VC on their end.  Want to test drive ZOOM?  Then Grab your cell phone or laptop and contact us for a private ZOOM training session and learn how to Securely connect, screen share exhibits, play video or audio files.

Please call our offices for additional information or to secure our services.  800.397.5590 or